Travelling To Rome

When we were about to leave for Rome on the train, Dad went with a pack off the train to ask someone if there was more space further along the train and it nearly went without him! As I was saying we arrived here by train on Wednesday the IX of May and of course MMXII (in case that’s too confusing), the year 2012 and month 9 is another way of writing it.

The Colosseum

Anyway today we went to the Colosseum, a famous Ampitheatre that the Roman gladiators would have fought in. An interesting fact but also rather cruel is that the gladiator could surrender by putting his hand up and then the emperor could deicide whether or not the surrendered gladiator should be executed in the view of the spectators. The ampitheatre is rather monumental (by the word monumental –  trumpet sound now –  I mean LARGE!!! I think I should get on with typing about the actual Colosseum rather than talk to you about the word monumental … So we walked in the scolding hot sun (in other words extremely hot sun) around the monumental Colosseum. Here are some photographs of the Colosseum we visited:



The Trevi Fountain

Here is a photo of the Trevi Fountain:


Although you can not see it in the left corner where I have the top of the black line is a sculpture of men looking for the water.


In the right corner is a sculpture of a girl named Trevi telling them where the water, that it is down below. Here is a poem I wrote:

The fountain roars with beautiful wonders all around

He who built it, a creative man, Nichola Salvi

Ears of the people that visit it hear the roar of water falls


Tritans, half men half fish, lead the horses around

Right in the centre stands Oceana the god of the sea

Everyone sits around staring

Visitors throw in a coin hoping to return

It brings up a fortune of up to 3000 euros a day


Famous fountain of the world

Opaque the water falls so pretty and so blue

Unreal the fountain is of the view you may see

Not deep enough to swim in the clear water sparkles

Trickling down the rocks the water goes

A girl on either side stands calmly watching the water go

It’s surely the grandest fountain that ever stands

Night and day the water falls – beauty all around