Today we are going to the Vatican museum. Inside we were disappointed because Dad had no ID with him so we could not get the cool audio guides. Anyway, the first rooms we saw were the Egypt ones in which we saw some very different statues from the ones we normally see. Usually they have more detail and show strength where as these were stright upright and simple e.g. hands and legs fully attached to the body the whole length not just at the joins.

20120515 PC Wk12B13A Rome 20120515_100314

There was even a mummy in the Egypt rooms.

20120515 KC Wk12B13A Rome 2012-05-15 09.57.08

Next we moved on to some rooms filled with bronze stuff such as an old chariot, golden breast plate and a full suit of armor.

20120515 PC Wk12B13A Rome 20120515_104725

20120515 PC Wk12B13A Rome 20120515_105700

20120515 KC Wk12B13A Rome 2012-05-15 10.55.43

The best thing in that room was the mini figures but they weren’t quite as good as G.I.JOE. My favourite part of the museum was the animal room were we saw lions and other big cats, dogs, sheep,bull and even a lobster. These were all statues of course not living things! There were also many other animals.

20120515 PC Wk12B13A Rome 20120515_103251

20120515 PC Wk12B13A Rome 20120515_103210

20120515 PC Wk12B13A Rome 20120515_103031

It was a tiring but very fun day.

(Visited 15 May 2012)