We weren’t going to go very far today but Dad got us going 6 places. 1St stop Piazza del Popolo – it was a nice square to go to. The second stop was the Spanish steps. The reason they are called so is because there was a Spanish embassy in the plaza below. We went there to see the view but it was not so great (even though I am really glade we went there). The Trevi fountain was the 3rd stop. I’ve been wanting to go there for ages. I threw in a coin and mum read that all the coins, 3,000 dollars worth, per day are donated to a subsidized super market.

At the 4th stop p.zza Navona we saw a clown and he was hilarious, but also rude. Then we went across an over 2,000 year old bridge. After that we walked past castle Saint Angelo for our 5th stop. I thought we were finished but dad surprised us and took us to the Vatican for a walk around it, but because there were no queues we went to Saint Peters basilica instead which is almost as good. When we were inside I met the friend who had came around for tea the night before (we met him on the bus after I bought my monkey). The basilca was huge was and filled with tombs. We had a busy exciting day. So our rest day turned out to be our busiest in Rome.

(Visited 13 May 2012.)