Today was incredible – we hopped on our cruise! While we had our huge buffet on-board we thought “isn’t it awesome being here”. Then we found out there was no 4D cinema which was sad, but we can still go swimming.




Today our cruise stopped at a port in Italy called Bari. It was a really worn down old town and I liked it because it was Old-Old. I am sick of Old Towns but I will miss them in NZ!



Is a port one hour from Olympia. We decided to stay in Katakolon rather than travel onto Olympia. It was really really cool as we remembered that this was


Soon I noticed some fish and then some more and then some more! There was striped, dotted, colourful, silver, black, big and small! We found some fishing line so, we tried our luck and Amy caught one!



Next Stop – Where??

Guess where we went? It was my favourite old town place! No, not Venice, not Rome, not London! We saw saw beautiful blue top churches and pastel colour houses. GREECE! Yes that is right – but where in Greece? Myconos, Athens? NO NO! We had to take a cable car up- maybe this picture will refresh your memory?


It begins with an S




I loved Santorini and it is one place I really want to come back to!



After Santorini on the same day we went to Mykonos! You may expect a HUGE report but because we didn’t arrive tell 7:00pm it was dark so we didn’t see much of this lovely Greek island! (we did see loooots of cats and a HUGE pelican!)



Today our cruise docked at Piraeus, the Athens port where we decided to catch a Hop On Hop Off Tour bus. You may think Athens is like Rome … but No I couldn’t find a single building without graffiti! Even the monuments had graffiti! The only thing that wasn’t ugly was the Acropolis but the amazing history was over shadowed by the terrible weather. Other than that Athens was… a city to miss!




Today we docked at a Greek island called Corfu. Even though there were neat old building and large forts we still spent one hour in MCD (using WiFi). But we ate Gyros (a traditional Greece food (like a Dona Kebab but with chips as well!)) down the road, so managing to avoid McD’s food.




This is a port in Croatia which is a new country to us! Unlike Athens it was sooooo tidy we only saw like 2 cigar butts ! And only one Building with Graffiti (right next to where we dock not in the Old Town!) This just added to the beautiful medieval town with small alleys, old churches, large plants and an incredible view of the water! Dumrovibik is a different awesome to Santorini but is definitely my 2ndbest Old Town.

image image



Today we left our cruise. It was very sad but also exciting – 10 days till home! No more huge meals though 🙁


(Our cruise was started Sunday, 4 November 2012, and finished Sunday, 11 November 2012)