Today we went to York and did another park and ride thing. After catching our bus we went to the castle museum and, first seeing lots of different life styles, for example, the poor had one room with bed, bath, and kitchen together, the wealthy had many rooms, dining room, lounge bedroom kitchen all being separate, the rich all of the above plus private dining room, armoury and more. Then was – shhh,¬†don’t tell anybody –¬†toilets, bath and washing machines. In the old days people sat on holes with rats running underneath then in the 19thcentury people realised that dirt and disease were related so they stopped throwing daffodils (toilet stuff put nicer) out the window and daffodiling on the road, people started inventing various toilets. Some were o.k others stunk until recently.

Then we went to a reproduction of an old Victorian street with with a horse and carriage, old studio, toy shop, lolly shop, news paper shop and more. Then we had morning tea and went to the second part of the museum. The first part of the second part of the museum was a small display of armour and you could lift different breast plates and they were heavy! After that we went to the toys and I loved seeing army, action men, toy cars and spirographs but most exciting was a very old jet fire (transformer). The prison was next – many innocent people died there so it was a bit sad. Then after lunch we also walked up many stairs to get to a castle but it was just a blotch on a hill.

20120706 PC Wk20 Tascaster York 20120703_104223

20120706 KC Wk20 Tascaster York 2012-07-03 15.37.05

20120706 PC Wk20 Tascaster York 20120703_153831

20120706 PC Wk20 Tascaster York 20120703_153847

20120706 KC Wk20 Tascaster York 2012-07-03 16.15.14

(Visited Tuesday, 3 July 2012)