York Castle Museum

I am going to tell you about the Prison and the old Victorian street at the York Castle Museum

The Prisons

The prison cells were very small. Because they were very small nine people died over night in the same small cell. They died of suffocation, not because it was so small and squashed but because there was no place for air to get in.

Sadly and very stupidly they would put people in the prisons because they could not pay there debts. Which is dumb because they can’t work to get money to pay it.

The Old Victorian Street

We went to an awesome set up there of an old Victorian street. They had cabinets along the side that where decorated to look like shops. But you could go into a sweet, toy and clothes shop. We went in to a cell that was in a police station. The bed that they sleep on was just a piece of shaped metal.


National Railway Museum

The trains were huge. We got to go in an engine of one and saw the change over work. Here is how a steam engine looks and works: the coal fire boles the water and the steam goes through a pipe and pushes the piston back and forth which is connected to a long metal line that is connected to the wells and makes them turn around. In the picture below you can see it but it does not include the boiler:


 Outside the York Castle Museum we went up Clifford’s Towel:

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(Visited Tuesday, 3 July 2012)