Today we travelled to our first hotel so far, and since we were only staying one night we went straight out to see a pile of stones -a cool pile of stones! The first pile was really cool because it was the first pile of stones you could stand on. We walked around the museum then we ran up the Roman high road, in amongst the ruins and all over the place. We were at the Cambridge Roman town were you could see the remains of the grainary building used to store grain, an aqueduct, a fountain house and more. Then we saw more of Hadrian’s wall and I ran on the Black Carts turret. At the souvenir shop at the next stop (a Roman Fort), I really wanted to by a European Badger teddy but Dad didn’t let me – oh well. After walking all the way up we watched a short movie explaining how the Romans lived at the fort. Then we wandered around and saw the hospital, toilets, commanders house and more. I had a great time jumping around on the foundation pillars. To finish our day we went to K.F.C for dinner. We went past a Toys R Us but unfortunately, disappointingly and saaaaaadly we weren’t allowed to go in.

20120706 PC Wk20 Hadrian 20120706_143311
Grainary at Roman Town

20120706 PC Wk20 Hadrian 20120706_143459
Roman Town

20120706 PC Wk20 Hadrian Rot  20120706_145608

20120706 PC Wk20 Hadrian 20120706_152538
Black Turret

20120706 PC Wk20 Hadrian 20120706_163344
At the Roman Fort

20120706 PC Wk20 Hadrian 20120706_145421

20120706 PC Wk20 Hadrian 20120706_164231
At the Roman Fort

20120706 PC Wk20 Hadrian 20120706_163639
At the Roman Fort

(Friday 6 July 2012 – Saturday 7 July 2012)