Oropesa del Mar is probably a great place to hang out at during the summer. Evidently the population of 2700 people live around here somewhere but wherever they are they aren’t staying in one of the billion apartments littered along the beach. Up until now we have had awesome places to stay that the zillion or so apartment blocks here at Oropesa del Mar seems a bit overpowering, quite different to last week in Lubrin!

Oropsea Apartments 20120318_121439

Oropsea Apartments 20120318_134650

The view from the apartment toward the sea is relaxing but everywhere else you look you just see identical apartments to the one we are staying in. They are not ugly, just identical and abandoned until summer …

I don’t mean to complain, we can be thankful for quite a number of things, for a start, the apartment is nice enough although 68m2 is a small place for four people particularly if there is only one loo and one of the four is kind of sick …

Oropsea WiFi 20120319_104813

The highlight of this week to all of us is having a half decent internet service. Neither of the two Broadband USB Modems are working here but the apartment has internet so we can survive. We have spent most of our time online catching up on our jobs. This week Karen and I have been able to plan and book accommodation for our entire 3 months in the UK. That is a massive achievement and required too many 1a.m. bedtimes.

Oropsea Sites 20120318_122134

One notable feature around this area are the mosaic tiles all over the place. We also found a small climbing playing ground on the sand which was quite a neat idea, although I should add, any play ground in New Zealand would be preferable to every other play ground in Spain.

Oropsea Beach Play IMG_4917

Today when we were out walking along the beach admiring how empty and deserted the place is I did come across an interesting van with toilets in it … something we have yet to find in any public place. Someone could make a fortune in Spain setting up a network of payable-public toilets – probably franchising potential as well … hey they could even had WiFi …

Oropsea Loos IMG_4927

We’ll I guess it has been nice to have a quiet week for a chance. Tomorrow we drive to Barcelona where we will return our rental car and catch a train into town from the airport to our next apartment. It’s located in the middle of everything in the Eixample district, near Sagrada Famila. No internet but we will be out seeing the Barcelona sites and probably won’t have time even for sleep. By the way the apartment is even smaller than here, 50m2!

O’ I did forget that I had an excellent Cappuccino today loaded with cream …