A Typical Spanish Day for Amy

We woke at 7:45am

We had breakfast at 10:30am

We started school at 10:50am

We had lunch at 2:30pm

We had dinner at 10:00pm

That is so so Spanish because that is the time they awake and have their meals.


Yesterday [sometime last month] we went to the biggest castle in Spain, Alhambra. It was built by the Moors and later was taken over by the Spanish. They built another palace for their king. In the castle walls was a village were the normal people lived. The fortress which we went to was very big. We did not have time to go through it all because our ticket to go through the Moors palace was for 3:30 and we only had five minutes. So we went to the palace then we went to the Spanish palace of Charles V. The best palace is the Moors one.


This is part of an article from a magazine about a very dangerous type of caterpillar that we saw and Daniel touched:

By Dr Inka Labsch

Caterpillars are specified pine tree parasites. They form nests that look like white cotton wall balls on pine tree branches. Once a year they come out and form lines and move across the ground in between Feb and March. Their surface is highly poisonous. Serious harm happens on the tongue eyes or nose or whatever touches it.The slightest breeze can blow the poisonous hairs of it into the air and onto other surfaces. Some times if a pet gets infected it’s tongue will swell up and will not fit in the mouth.

These are the caterpillars we came across.

image image

The Lynx

Yesterday [sometime last month] we went to Mojacar. When we stopped in the car we heard a funny sound. We thought it could be an Iberian lynx but really it was a dog. It was howling because it had badly hurt her back leg. I named her Lynx. Daniel thought he saw it’s tale in the rock’s on the cliff but he did not because the dog was actually behind the big pile of plants and dead grass, that was on the cliff where we stopped. Some other people who had also stopped where there. They had a dog so they had dog food and water. They fed Lynx and took her with them.

The wild chase

Yesterday [sometime last month] we were walking back to the apartment from the beach when we saw a man chasing after his tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny doggy woggy. The tiny thingy crossed the road and…almost got run over by a bus! The man chased the dog over the road and dad said maybe he should help him but he did not until the man gave up. Suddenly the dog came around the corner and dad ripped of his jacket and he and Daniel got the dog in a corner while me and mum called to the man. When Mum and I came back with the man we saw that they had used the camera strap as a leash. We gave him the dog and he was thankful.