Well, what can I say about Orepesa? It wasn’t what we expected but it was a much needed place to be!

The advert looked like there was a spa complex and a fun park just inside the complex. Actually the funpark was down the road and we never did find where the spa complex was! Their was a swimming pool but it was closed. In fact, everything was closed! Orepesa is a summer resort and in the winter it is pretty dead. It does have some great mosaics on the parks and along the beachside though.

mosaics4 mosaics3


The other thing about it was that all the high rise apartment blocks looked exactly the same as each other, which was a bit gloomy. And we thought we might never get out of the building because the underground car park was so difficult! We joked that it’s be pretty scary letting Peter drive in a carpark in NZ when we get back because we’re sure he’ll race round backwards at high speed just because it’ll be so easy after the Spanish carparks (which are exactly 2cm wider than your car and expect you to do turn on a pin with only 1cm to spare). The beach was nice, though not as close as we had thought it would be! And worst of all, Amy was unwell for the whole week.


So, all was a bit sad on the tourist front (it even rained, our first rain in Spain). BUT it was a great week for organising things! Because we only found out just before Christmas that our original plan of studying in London for a year was not going to happen (the kids and I didn’t get Visas), we’d only had enough time to figure out that we would travel instead, and then manage to plan the first three months. Once we got to England in June we had no accomodation booked.

So Peter and I spent the whole week searching for places to stay in the UK and sending off emails and paying deposits. Oh yeah, and homeschooling too – thankfully we had the internet to use so we could do all these things.

The end result, we have all the accomodation booked for three months in the UK! Fantastic!

Only the last 3 months to sort sometime…

(Week 5, 17/3/2012- 23/3/2012)