We were all sad to leave Lubrin on Saturday – what a wonderful time we’ve had. I liked it so much I want to come back and stay for a month or more. I even found myself imagining staying longer and sending the kids to Spanish school here!

Lubrin itself is a small village, with a great bakery and nice tapas! We enjoyed wandering around and drinking coffee in plaza.

The house where we stayed was down a gravel road with only a few houses scattered here and there. Most of the people living down the road were shepherds – it is very rural Spain. The house we stayed in was built only about 10 years ago, and was very stylish and comfortable. We really enjoyed being there.

Here are some of the highlights for the week:

  • meeting Karen and her mother, Josie. They were both so kind and helpful. It was Josie’s house that we stayed in, while she moved out into Karen’s home up the hill.Josie_karen

  • The house -what a great place. It had a great fireplace, comfortable beds, huge kitchen, and a lovely lounge with a fireplace which we made use of. 20120310_153634 20120310_153535 20120310_153713

  • The valley was quiet and peaceful, surrounded by hills. Heaps of cactus and ruins. People keep the ruins because you are only allowed, in this valley, to build on sites where ruins are (as long as the ruin has a roof). We also saw a shepherd bringing his goats home, plus a man with his donkey.20120311_131433 20120310_140012 donkey20120316_183219

  • We loved the dog, Ruby. She came with us on all our walks. Amy really wants a dog when we get home againIMG_4803

  • The walks. Daniel particularly loved going walking up the hill round all the windy corners. I loved walking down again!

  • The rocks – so many rocks. Daniel called it rock heaven. We also saw a marble quarry, just like Fidel told us we would.IMG_4801 marblequarry

  • The Wednesday market. Amy loved the lollies, of course.20120314_090446

  • The churros and chocolate for breakfast20120314_090730 20120314_090725

  • The tostados with olive oil and salt. Daniel calls them Tornados

  • Lubrin village and especially the bakery!

  • I loved reading my book at night by the fireplace.

  • We enjoyed Mojacar. The beach water was so blue, it looked amazing.    IMG_4816

  • Just past from Mojacar beach is the National Park. We drove up and up and round and round and stopped to see the great view. We also heard the wining wolf which turned out to be an injured dog. Another couple with a dog took him home with them.IMG_4833 IMG_4828

  • Just up from Mojacar beach was the old town, which we wandered around – more great views!IMG_4878IMG_4880

  • Discovering cheap icecreams at the supermarket. We all loved that – shame we had no freezer to stock up on them.

  • Having space to practice Tae Kwon Do.  Getting a bit rusty, but thankfully Daniel and Dad are here to remind me what I’m meant to do20120315_103723

  • The funny thing this week was seeing a Thomas the Tank Engine on wheels, at the repair shop. Hope that’s not what they use for the high speed train..IMG_4884