On the way to Annecy from Strasbourg we had lunch in Bern, Switzerland. We surprised the kids by parking right next to the bear park (http://www.baerenpark-bern.ch/).

20120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_141956 20120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_14200320120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_142008 20120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_142630
20120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_145536

After lunch we walked over the bridge into Bern’s old city. We discovered that everything in Bern, perhaps Switzerland, is expensive and even I can’t justify coffee at just any price. Still the city of Bern looked lovely and one day I would like Karen and I to return and stay a few nights (with loads of money …).

20120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_153536 20120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_153542

We didn’t arrive in Annecy at the campsite until about 7:40pm just before the office closed. Our cabin wasn’t flash but tidy enough and about New Zealand standard for cabins at a campsite. I had to adjust my expectations a little compared to the brilliant apartments we had been staying at so far on this trip. However the view from our cabin out toward the lake was fabulous:

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120928_121707

Karen and I had briefly visited Annecy 18 years ago during our OE and it was one of our places we felt we had to take the kids to see because it’s a lovely city and such a beautiful location. Although by this stage of our trip the kids don’t really appreciate yet-another-old-city as much as we do, I think they liked Annecy and its crisp clear lake is quite remarkable.

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120928_15281220120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120928_14343120120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_122451 20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_12245920120928 Camera Wk32B Annecy IMG_1672 20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_123601

The initial rain at our arrival moved on and we were blessed with sunny weather on the Thursday and Friday which helped us form a positive impression of the city. By Saturday when it was time to leave for Lucerne the rain had returned in full force.

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_122728 20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_12530720120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120928_165250

(Week 32B: Wednesday, 26 September 2012 – Saturday 29 September 2012)