We drove to Annecy into the rain. But before we hit the rain, we visited Bern and saw their bears. Bern was a very beautiful place, very clean and tidy! And expensive!

20120926 Camera Wk32B Bern IMG_1520 20120926 Camera Wk32B Bern IMG_1528

20120926 Camera Wk32B Bern IMG_1588 20120926 Camera Wk32B Bern IMG_1552

20120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_141956 20120926 PC Wk32B Bern 20120926_142003

Annecy was gorgeous! It was just as we remembered, a quaint town sitting on the edge of a beautiful blue lake, full of swans!

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_122459 20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_123601

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_122649

We arrived in the pouring rain, late in the afternoon, after a long tiring drive so we were pleased to unload our bags into our cabin (we were staying in a campsite in a cabin with a view of the lake). The kids loved the campsite because it had a playground with a few climbing things.

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_182754 20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120928_121707

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120928_131035

It was suppose to rain the two days we were there, but as it turned out the weather was brilliant so we made the most of it and wandered around town and went for a short drive around the lake. That really was the highlight – wandering around the town and looking at the lake.

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120928_143431

20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120928_152812 20120928 PC Wk32B Annecy 20120927_123042

(Week 32B: Wednesday, 26 September 2012 – Saturday 29 September 2012)