17/1/12 to the 18/2/12

At the airport it felt huge – the line to check in was giant! We had to wait 30 minutes. We had McDonald’s for tea and the people on the table text to us had chocolate. I really wanted chocolate then. Me, Grandad and Amy went up to the viewing point after dinner – it was so cool and big. When we said bye to Grandad it was extremely sad. When we got on the plane it was a good size and comfortable enough and had a TV so I watched Tintin. Then I went to sleep it was actually quite easy.

The next airport was double the size of the last one it WAS HUGE. It has a small aquarium – a tank with jellyfish in it, a shopping mall ,cafes and a lounge which we went to because we had 5 hours to wait. On the way to the lounge we went on these really cool conveyer-belts that are for people. In the lounge you can eat what ever you want – it’s superb.

The next plane was small and uncomfortable but it did have a TV though. So I watched Rio. The amount of sleep I got was very little. In the next airport it was rush rush rush out the plane we rushed through security and rushed out the door on to the next plane we rushed. This plane was really nice just 2 problems I felt sick and there was no TV. In the airport in Spain we were waiting for our bags to come through. In the end our bags were on a different conveyer-belt. The rest was a breeze – we got through security, met Fidal and got our rental car in record time