Moving out
On the 14th January we moved out.

Doing it
I was going to mum in the kitchen every second minute asking her for jobs. I was so tired because it was my first time moving. It felt like helping the 60 minute makeover team except we only had 30 minutes!

After it
It looked amazing and tidy It smelt like cleaning spray It sounded like noisy chatting It felt brilliant It tasted …like Sprite!!! (Because we had some!) We had to wait about ½ an hour before the tenants came even though they were due when we were still working. See you later!

Moving around
We’ve been to lots of our friend’s houses to stay until we go on the 17th of February. It’s been quite fun. We have been staying at these places: 1st Phillip and Dorrie’s, 2nd Papamoa Pacific Park Campsite, 3rd Shane and Michelle’s, 4th Rob and Carol’s, 5th Heather and Dave’s, 6th Napier to Mark and Andera’s, 7th Waihi Beach.

We are going to stay at these places: 1st Dave and Heather’s, 2nd Waihi Beach, 3rd Dave and heather’s, see you later.

At Waihi
We left Heather and Daves’ house at about 8:30 pm and we traveled for 1 hour although it felt like only 10 minutes. When we got there I rushed inside and went to our room and saw…two bunk beds! Me and Daniel got a bunk bed each! That night we slept on the bottom bed that had already been made up. In the morning we set up the bed on the top bunk. That night I had to move to the bottom ’cause it was to uncomfortable. The next day I put the spare duvet under the sheet. The same thing happened that night so in the morning I put my thick duvet under the sheet and the spare one on the top and used Daniel’s one ’cause he was using his sleeping bag and I slept perfectly!

About to go
We are going in one week. And it will take about one and a half days to get to Spain including the waits at the air port which will take about 3-4 hours. I can’t wait to get on the plane – there is a MacDonald’s at the airport we are going to in Auckland. First we are going to Spain then France then Italy then England then France. We have not planned any of our time in England.

Getting closer to going
I am really excited.

Getting even closer to going
Okay I’m a bit crazy but I’m getting even more excited

Getting really really close to going
Alright I’m really 99% crazy and the rest I have to admit is annoyingness I am way excited

Getting so close its only one day away
We are going tomorrow I am so so so so excited I could burst! boooom

Today we are going
I am like the most excited then anybody in the world could be I am so so so so so so so so so excited.

At the airport I was so annoyed that we had to wait say 3 hours but when we got there we had to go in a big line and then we got checked in and although  it felt like half an hour it was actually about an hour. Then we went to dinner at the MacDonalds and that took an hour say. We only had 1 hour to wait then we went through security and we were fine then we hopped on the plane and flew away. Goodbye NZ.

[Finally going – Amy’s comments on the 2nd and 3rd flights]
It was pretty much the same at the other ones but we did not have to check-in the bags again. I loved the plane ’cause we had free food and our own TV.

[Written by Amy over the few weeks prior to leaving New Zealand.]