Moving out


When we moved out it was exciting, crazy and felt like a 60 minute makeover. It was very hard throwing away all my containers (or tubs). It was also hard getting rid of some of my sticks and it was sad putting away all my toys. Some of the jobs were difficult but the good thing is we did not have to do normal house work. We had a lot of pressure and it was stressful. When it was finished the house looked extraordinarily tidy and bare. I liked the fizz drink we had afterward. I’ll see you later.

Moving around

15/1/12 to the 17/2/12

From our house we went to Phillip and Dorrie’s then to Papamoa camp site after that we went to Shane and Michelle’s house and back to Dorrie’s then Rob and Carol’s and Heather and Dave, Napier (to see Amos and Jackson) then back to Dave’s. Now we are at Waihi. Then we go back to Heather’s and back to the beach then out of the country. I can’t wait to slow down in Spain. I’ll see you later.