Today we went into Edinburgh city for two things. 0ne for mum to buy the tattoo tickets ( I’ll talk about the Tattoo show soon). Two, for me to have my first go at busking! It was awesome and I got 3.40 pounds (7.14$NZD)

20120821 PC Wk27A Edinburgh 20120820_124902

Now then, the Tattoo is one of those “This is one of the most important thing we are going to do” things and it was pretty spectacular! When we arrived the first thing I noticed was that the seats were hold up by HUGE poles and I found it hard to believe that they were all to be dismantled at the end of the month. These are my three show favourites (to write the the whole thing would take 100 pages):

1: Secret society band. Now this what you call AWESOME! The band of drummers were playing at 100 miles a minute and they were beating the drums at exactly the same time. Then they threw the drum sticks in the air and started playing on each others drums. Then all of a sudden the drums lit up. It was to amazing to describe.

20120821 PC Wk27A Edinburgh 20120820_214852

2: The cartoon stuff. Soon the castle behind us lit up with all the cartoon characters. Banana man, super man Marvel and Dennis the Menice. Then a real Dennis came out on his bike and did some tricks.

20120821 PC Wk27A Edinburgh 20120820_214450

3: Norwegian troops. The soldiers we saw had all been working for only one year to get the amazing standard of marching around, tapping and firing their guns and pointing their bayonets. Incredible!

There were so many other amazing things like the fire works, Scottish bands and dancers. A truly spectacular show.

20120821 PC Wk27A Edinburgh 20120820_210711

20120821 PC Wk27A Edinburgh 20120820_221503

(Monday, 20 August 2012)