We are in Paris! Today we went on our first and apparently our last tour bus. It took two hours. It was sooooo fun.

20120826 Camera Wk27B Paris IMG_8993

These are my favourite things:

1.I liked the statue of three horses in what looked liked a clam, it was spectacular!

20120826 Camera Wk27B Paris IMG_9089

2. There was the Louvre square. It was so HUGE and surrounded by grand buildings with an intricate arch with a chariot, on it and fountains. It was one amazing square!

20120826 Camera Wk27B Paris IMG_9005

20120826 Camera Wk27B Paris IMG_9006

3. We saw a military invalids hospital with cannons from some country Napoleon defeated as well as some funky trees. (Dad wanted me to say there was an Egyptian Obelisk at the same sight as the guillotines were in the revolution!)

20120826 Camera Wk27B Paris IMG_9169

The bus tour was so so so cool. We also went to the Notre Dame cathedral and it was amazing on the outside but more ordinary on the inside – 2 out of 5. We fed some birds and they ate out of our hands! To finish I brought a beret to add to my hat collection.

(Friday, 24 August 2012)