First came the cave men in a disgrace

(guess what this performance is called)

With the bands and guns that are not toys

The place makes quiet a noise

smaller than the postcard pictures

the stage was once a car park!

this is not a fiction tale

don’t tell on on me if I fail

to describe the amazing sight.

there was no kite in the sight

but instead there weas a very naughty boy

doing his normal pranks

this boy was poking out his tongue to all of the officials

going by the name Denis in his normal stripy top

and in his usual menice too

that should have given you a clue

then the industreial world came

taking tap dances with them too

and then came the dancing litter

in there free flow dresses

then came in the top secret band with there very fast drum roll and there lighting up drums

after came the musketeer playing another drumrole

not as fast as before.

Half way through their well practiced performance,

they started fighting with their drumsticks while playing too!

Then in came all of them a Scottish band and more.

They made a big racket

much louder than before

the dancers and all of them came in.

to close the ceremony.

We had heard it rather clear.

That it finished with fireworks

coming from the lair!

The Edinburgh Tattoo had been a very good entertainer


(Monday, 20 August 2012)