We started today (8/5/2012) with a one hour train trip to go to Pisa were we saw the leaning tower. I posed for lots of photos pushing, pulling, holding and even kicking the leaning tower. I was not arrested!





Some people had other ideas for photos such as hugging the tower and putting a skateboard up to it. We saw some workers up high, abseiling from the roof off the dome, by the leaning tower. Then we went to the bus stop but the bus people were on strike so we walked fast with a whole lot of other people to the train station and I sang we are the walking bus a new song by composed by Daniel. At the train station we asked people if Lucca or Sinera was a better place to visit and everyone said Lucca. There was a man with bus tickets and a plane to catch so we brought him train tickets since the buses were on strike. At Lucca we rented some bikes and had a peaceful ride on the wall and around the town.



We all decided it was one of the best towns we had visited yet. Even though I didn’t get to Sinera like I had wanted to it was still an awesome day.

(Visited 8/5/2012)