The Train

On the train to Florence there was a bit of a problem. But first I shall tell you what the train looked like:

The outside of the train was silver with a line of red going around it. The inside was very very nice. In the middle of our four seats that were two by two facing each other was a table that had fold out bits for each seat and it also had a bin(not saying that was my favourite part I just thought it was rather different). Now there was a café at the end of the train so Dad obviously could not handle not getting a coffee so he did, not knowing the time. While he was away a lady said to Mum that the next stop was Florence so I went and got Dad. We almost missed our stop!

The Galileo Museum


This is a globe thing that was given to Grand Duke Ferdinand the First’s wife as a wedding gift.

In those days they thought that the planet earth was circled by they other planets and the sun.

We even saw one of Galileo’s fingers. Here is the link for the website:


Today we went to The Leaning Tower Of Pisa. There we took a lot of photos of us pretending to hold the tower, push the tower and even kick the tower. We did not have much time there so that was all we really did.


We also went to a city called Lucca. There we hired a bike and together we enjoyed biking around on the road ( we were on the road one because it was safe and two there were almost no cars).

By the way when we were leaving for Rome Dad almost missed the train! At the last minute he got off the train with a heavy pack off to go to the other end of the carriage and he had to run to the other door as it was about to close and the train was about to move without him!