We arrived in Venice on a plane from Nice. The company was Easy Jet. Easy Jet planes are rather cheap but you don’t get free food or drinks. But beware do NOT try and find it to get from NZ to some place because they only fly around Europe.

The trip took around 50 minutes. It was quite fun. When we hopped off there was a 10 minute walk we had to do to get to the boat that we had all been dreading and here is the reason why:


We have a pack and a suitcase each.

Luckily the walk was not as bad because we had two trolleys that we could take to the stop.


Here are some photos of the house:





A few days after we arrived…….

“lets go” but oh no..DIIIIING DOOOOONG “I will get it”and I was at the door…..AFTER Daniel. “ciao!” said mum behind me to the people that had came earlier in the day to drop of the glass for the window up stairs. One of them told mum acting and speaking a little bit of English that they were coming to fix the window with the glass they had dropped of. Any way when we finally got going (after they’d left)we went across almost the whole island. We went from our house first to a square called Campo San Martino then to another called Campo Santa Giustina then to another:Campo San Giovanni E Paolo and another: Campo Santa Maria Nuova and yet again another :Campo Del SS. Apostoli. Then we found…..guess what. A MC. DONALDS!!!!!!!! it was the only one in the whole of Venice.(Campo is sqaure in italien)


We went on a gondola today, a type of Venetian boat. On the way to the place we were to catch it Daniel and I got this photo taken:


When we got there we got in to the boat and waited for the driver.

image image

When we went out to the place were the water was very rocky and wild (the Grand Canal) because all the big boats and things go there I got this photo taken of me terrified:


It was very scary.


A few nights ago we played a game, I was against Daniel with Mum helping him and Dad was helping me. Here are some photos:


The photo of the dog is blurry because I was taking the photo as I ran along.


It was a lot of fun even though we got wet in the rain. Dad and I got 19 points and Mum and Daniel go 21 only because they were lucky enough to see some people taking a ride in a gondala even in the rain.

(Week 10B, 24/4/2012 – 2/5/2012)