Operation Overlord was an operation at the end of the war when the British and French tried to win back the land the Germans had taken which was most of the continent! The day they were going to began was of course classified so instead of calling it 6 June 1944 which was the date they really attacked they called it D-Day. There plan was to land planes and boats fill of troopers onto the land of France that had been occupied by the Germans. And from there they fought of the Germans making them finally surrender!

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One part was that they would drop down paratroopers inland to help fight the Germans. Suprisingly, one of the paratroopers landed and got his parachute caught on the steeple of a church. They were all supposed to cut themselves free so he attempted to do it. He was so scared he dropped the knife which clattered to the ground making a noise that made the Germans below look up. They saw him and shot and him – they got his foot, but he played dead and so they left him alone. A couple of hours later he was brought down by his friends who had come and defeated the Germans in that town. Now they have a dummy hung up from the steeples by his parachute! (which we went to see as well).

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