Today we went to the museum of Utah Beach. This is something from the brochure: “Founded in 1962 in the very place where American troops landed on Normandy soil on June the 6th1944, the Utah beach museum plays tribute to all the men and women who risked -or sacrificed- there lives so that we might live in freedom.” The museum consists of (well these are my favourite): loads of awesome guns, some cool mannequins (a navy officer, paratrouper, GI and communications person.) The mannequins and guns were the best things there.

20120903 Camera Wk29A Moyon Utah Beach IMG_0019

There were lots of bits and bobs from the war but more importantly the newly prized possession … a B-26G Marauder ( in other words a slick plane with lots of GUNS.)

20120903 Camera Wk29A Moyon Utah Beach IMG_0041

I really liked the plane and there were other vehicles like jeeps, a tank and one of those boats that carries lots of troopers. By the time we had left we had grasped the full strategic importance of this lonely beach in Normandy. On the way home we popped our heads into the church with the mannequin dressed as a para trouper hanging from his parachute which is caught on a spire (it is a memorial of a man who really did get caught on a church)! It had some nice stain glass. I had a good day.



20120903 Camera Wk29A Moyon Utah Beach IMG_0026

20120903 Camera Wk29A Moyon Utah Beach IMG_0034

(Visited Monday, 3 September 2012)