20120902 PC Wk29A Mt Saint Michel 20120902_090456

20120902 PC Wk29A Mt Saint Michel 20120902_093446

Today we went to… Mount-Saint-Michel! The island with an abbey on top. As we drove up the view was breath taking with the abbey on top of the Mount and the sky in the background! Once we had parked we caught a 100% electric shuttle bus all the way across the causeway to the Mount. The causeway will soon be replaced by a bridge to restore the Mount to how it used to look. I may not of been able to walk up all 600 steps of the Eiffel tower but I was able to walk up all 900 steps of Mount Saint Michel! When Mum, Dad and Amy eventually reached the top we went into the abbey. There’s only so many archess one person can see. The first and second rooms were great but the 3rd was like the 1st and 2nd and the 4th were like the 3rd, 2nd and 1st and so on. Even though the abbey was a bit SAD the feeling of just being there and the view made it all worth while.

20120902 PC Wk29A Mt Saint Michel 20120902_093825

(Visited, Sunday, 2 September 2012)