On the way to our next house in Cromarty, which was five hours away, we visited Neptune’s Staircase.

Neptune’s staircase, which used to be hand powered but is now hydraulically operated, is the largest staircase lock in the UK, containing eight locks . Because of this it can take up to two hours to sail through the staircase. When sailors get out of all the locks they then know that they have been raised 20 metres in total.

The process is like this:

1 The boats drive into the first lock which is ether the highest or the lowest lock

2 The next stairs gate allows the water to come in and slowly even the water on both stairs because if the gate open’s up the water will come in and wash the boats away while the water gushes in VERY speedily.

3 The gate in front of them opens and they all sail to the next step and wait for the process to start again.

It is likely that whoever travels there will surely enjoy the amazing and astonishing sight of Neptune’s Staircase.

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(Saturday, 26/7/2012)