Today we moved to Cromarty and not only moved but also did a huge sightseeing. We drove to Fort William following the lochs on the way. There were beautiful pretty hills and cliffs. Just out of Fort William was Neptune’s Staircase. Neptune’s Staircase are water steps. When a boat wants to came down the steps they close the gates and let the water lower on one side and raise on the other until they are level, then the boat moves on to the next step. This progress takes 2 hours but saves days of sailing around the coast for the boats. Neptune’s Staircase was an amazing sight to see, to find out more go to:’s_Staircase

20120728 PC Wk24 Lock Drive 20120728_145924

20120728 PC Wk24 Lock Drive 20120728_141741

After that we drove up pretty Loch Lochy which turns into Loch Ness the famous loch were the movie the Water Horse was filmed.

20120728 PC Wk24 Lock Drive 20120728_132648

We stopped at the Loch Ness centre and went around a multi-media tour in six different cave-like rooms. It was very interesting and had lots of evidence against the monster being true, but I still think it is a big sea animal in the open ocean somewhere we haven’t discovered yet.

20120728 PC Wk24 Lock Drive 20120728_170721

So that was our 5 hour journey. I slept most of the way and watched a movie the rest. The new house we are staying at now is very nice and right next to the sea.

(Saturday, 28/7/2012)