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Today was an awesome day; we didn’t do school and instead of sightseeing we went biking! Dad was off on his run all the way around the island (2 hours/16 km/ 10 miles/ the longest run he has ever been on). We went down to hire our bikes – 5 pound each ($10)for the whole day and an extra 50p for the baskets to put all our stuff in! By the time we would catch up with Dad he was probably somewhere near the end – and he was – but you can’t blame us for our slow biking because there was a horse in front of us and it was going so slowly…nah, just kidding. But there was a horse in front of us but it was going at a good pace. I think it was because we had to walk all the way up 2 steep storeys of slippery stony slimy stairs (cross out slippery stony and slimy but still hard) to go to the toilet and that took ages – 2012 went in to loo – 2030 came out of loo! Any way enough babbling (mums comment; thank goodness!Can we can get on with it!). We were biking along the seaside the whole time .. a nice scenic tour as mum would say, chatting to people on the way (well asking them if Dad was far off), going so slowly that you will miss your coffee as Dad would say. I saw there was a certificate at the biking place.. I think I’ll pick one up as Amy would say – and we did pick one up. It was an awesome run/bike. At last we caught up to Dad and there was lots of cheering as we entered Millport again. We had gone all the way around the island and soon we were home for a well earned rest. Then we picked up our bikes and drove down to the playground for a play which was fun. Next we picked up our picnic bag and went down to the beach. After we had eaten our delicious picnic we went to play on the beach. Sadly there was a sign saying it was not safe to play in the water today so we played around crocodile rock – a rock that looked like a crock! I saw lots of jellyfish in the knee deep water and an under water rock bridge going out to some more rocks which I explored. I’m glad dad didn’t see me or I would have been stopped immediately! What a great day!

20120727 Camera Wk23 Millport IMG_8152

20120727 Camera Wk23 Millport IMG_8172

(Wednesday, 25/7/2012)