I had a lot of fun visiting the seaside village of Looe. When we arrived at the beach we found that the beach had sand so we played on the sand for a while in the sun. We asked at a shop if the next bay we were planning to visit had sand but it did not so we decided to keep playing at Looe beach. Daniel and I made a castle with a mote and dipped our feet in the water (I would have had a swim if we had a towel and swimming gear but we did not have any). At the start we had seen a sign that said “please do not feed the seagulls they are vicious”. We laughed at that and I am sure if you are from New Zealand you would too. Anyway later on Dad bought some bread and I went to give some to Daniel and the giant seagulls began chasing me so I threw the bread on the sand > I have learnt a lessen now to obey the signs!

20120616 Camera Wk17 Noss Mayo IMG_7882

20120616 Camera Wk17 Noss Mayo IMG_7886

Yes, that IS how I dug!

(Visited Wednesday, 13 June 2012)