So back In Deal I was going to bed quite happily when Dad made a huge mistake in asking me where pinkie was. We started looking and gave up when we realized the dreadful news that I had left Pinkie with Marilyn and Charles in London(we were staying there). So I ended up sleeping with one of Daniel’s many monkeys. Let’s go forward in time. Beep there we are – safe. Dad went outside after seeing the royal mail truck drive past. Bang bang bang! Dad knocked on the door and collected a package from the neighbor – the owner of our house. He gives the package to me and finally I get Pinkie out of it. I saw there was a note on a piece of paper inside and read out that she had been to the beauty parlor for a wash, a brush up and a new bow. There was also this poem written on the envelope for the postman:

      I am just a little Ted

      And Amy needs me in her bed

      So please postman handle me with care

      For I am a precious Teddy bear