It was supposed to be a not so busy day but in the end we left at 9:30am and weren’t back until 7:40pm! After catching the metro underground train we came out at 10:40 am spotting the London Eye (which costs 80 pounds so we are not going on it). Turning around we spotted the Big Ben and soon were in a coffee shop. Hearing the bells we went outside to set our watches to 11:00am.

20120524 PC Wk13B14A London 20120522_104755

The next stop was small tower were they used to keep the jewels and Dad spent some time filling out forms [for an English Hertiage membership] then we went up the tower to explore it.

20120524 PC Wk13B14A London 20120522_112443

We then looked at Westminster Abby, seeing a cool sundial we noticed it was 11:30. So we went to the next stop, a cloister, a place were monks can live. There were lots of graves and it also had a garden which is Britain’s oldest. I then got my photo taken with police men who had big machine guns.

20120524 PC Wk13B14A London 20120522_111649

The best part of the day was at the end we went to a 5-story toy shop (called Hamleys) then to a smaller one were I brought a G.I.JOE!

20120524 Camera Wk13B14A London IMG_7540

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