We are in England today and this is the first busy sightseeing day. We went to the science museum for nine hours but we didn’t even get around the half of it. Starting in the two rooms of hands on stuff we looked through a brick wall (huh, how did we do that?) then launched a rocket and saw frozen carbon dioxide bits running around.

20120524 PC Wk13B14A London 20120521_111428

The two good parts of that were a place were you can play with lights and mirrors.

20120524 PC Wk13B14A London 20120521_104953

But the best part is were you peddle and generate electricity, showing it takes much more power to power a hair dryer than a light. There was lots of shows and stuff but the thing I liked the most was the next hands-on room because I solved two puzzles and earned a certificate.

20120524 PC Wk13B14A London 20120521_122459

We then went to the next part were we had a guided tour.. it wasn’t quite so fun but I still liked the tour.

20120524 PC Wk13B14A London 20120521_153652

To top of the day, when we went home we got to make pizza.

(Visited Monday 21/5/2012.)