We went to the natural history museum today and it started really boring …. Initially it was just about volcanoes – there were some gems though

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… and by the time we had finished that part Amy was tired so she went to the V&A with mum while Dad and I did the dinosaurs. Things started to get better. There was lots of casts but not many real fossils. We saw a Dipledocus, Stegasuars and two Igunadon skeletons. We also saw another Suropod as well. Next we went to a lecture where a man gave us a speech about extinct birds and I got to hold a real dodo bone.

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The next place was a hands on area where I held a crocodile, shark jaw, turtle, coral, sperm whale tooth , and patted a fox then saw a fish’s saw shaped mouth. They were all dead and stuffed though.

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Then there was a tour around the spirits room (called so because all the animals were preserved in alcohol). There was a barracuda, giant squid and even a colossal squid. We saw Darwen’s private collection of animals. Sadly we didn’t get to look around the main part of the museum. I loved the museum so we decided to go back on Saturday.

Here I am back on Saturday and it is really fun because it is just me and Dad. We went straight to the mammals and saw bears, rodents and horses but the ones that stood out the most was the Grizzly bear on two legs and the polar bear, the world’s largest land carnivore, both dead and stuffed. I had a good chat with a bug scientist who told me to order the insects in to different categories and I did it right. There was a fish room with deep see fish and sharks, both dead and stuffed, and it had an angelfish preserved in a jar. In the reptile room we saw lots of crocidilins my favourite one was a caiman. There was also an amphibious room with snakes, frogs and lizards. In the main room I had another chat to another scientist about hippo teeth . There were tons of awesome animals there but the best was the pigmy hippopotamus. In the marine animals room we saw an awesome model display of lots of dolphins and a huge blue whale. If you want to find out more about the natural history museum then please go to www.nhm.ac.uk . The natural history museum is one of my favorite places we have been to.

(Visited 21/5/2012)