Today we went to the Galileo museum in Florence. We meet our tour guide in the first room and went up stairs. The museum had inventions and information about other scientist as well as Galileo. My favourite thing that Galileo did was an experiment with the incline plane. Here is a paragraph about it. No one knows who first invented the incline plane but Galileo did a lot of work with it. Galileo made an incline plane out of wood putting iron and brass bells on it. Here is some pictures.


He made the discovery that a ball if on an incline plane will roll down one unit of distance in one swing of the pendulum then in the next swing of the pendulum it will roll down three units of distance and then in the next swing it will roll down a further five units of distance. He worked out that on each swing the ball got faster. Dad thinks it is cool because you can calculate the total distance by squaring the time of the pendulum swing. If you want to read more look at this link here The Galileo museum was one of the most interesting we have been to.