Today we went back to the entrance of the Colosseum and there we meet a tour guide who gave us a free tour of the Palatine hill. There is a palace that the emperor Domitian built – he did not like to mix with the public. Even though he really liked watching sports games he never went to any because he did not like being amongst lots of people so he built his own privet stadium!

20120514 Camera Wk12B13A Rome IMG_7314

Then the tour guide led us to to a ruined building where the bricks looked very new, but he said that they weren’t. Instead what the Romans did was build an inexpensive building out of brick then put a thin layer of marble over it making it look amazing. After that he showed us the arch that the Arc de Triomphe in Paris was based on! On a viewing plat form we saw the whole of the forum which is a ruined roman market place. He pointed out the last three remaining pillars of a 2,500 year old building. Next we went around the forum and I saw a pond which had tadpole eggs and a frog.

(Visited 12 May 2012)

Later, while we were waiting for the bus Dad took me to one of the million tourist stalls and he bargained for my favorite monkey, down to seven euros so I bought it just in time to catch the bus home

20120514 Camera Wk12B13A Rome IMG_7448

20120514 Camera Wk12B13A Rome IMG_7451