We got away from Stonehaven around 11.00 and drove firstly to St Andrews, our main purpose being to visit the theological college that Peter wanted to check out. We managed to find it after making our way through the crowds who were in town for a fair day. There were plenty of sideshows and stalls to look at, but we dragged the kids through the quiet gardens of the college instead.

20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8779 20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8781 20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8788 20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_879020120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_879120120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8794

We also took some time to check out St Andrews golf course, one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world.

20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8760 20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8763 20120817 PC Wk26 Haddington 20120811_131329 20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8763 20120817 PC Wk26 Haddington 20120811_133031

We arrived in Haddington around 6.00pm. Haddington is a lovely village, not too far from Edinburgh. The cottage is a lovely home with two bedrooms and a cozy lounge. The kitchen is quite large and well equipped.

On Sunday we drove to North Berwick, a really nice town with a pretty good beach. We enjoyed wandering around and having coffee and cake – a very pleasant afternoon.

20120817 PC Wk26 Haddington 20120812_142934 20120817 PC Wk26 Haddington 20120812_142945 20120817 PC Wk26 Haddington 20120812_144844

Monday we drove into Edinburgh and returned our car. No more driving for P C for a while! We walked around town and found our way to the Botannical Gardens for a Kids Acrobat show – quite fun, though a little confusing at times!

20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8802

Kids being mannequins at the Peoples Museum.

20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8804

After a cup of coffee we caught the bus home to Haddington, and there we stayed for rest of the week, getting some homeschooling done, some accounts done and some wandering around done!

20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8832

Amy’s Maths..

20120717 Camera Wk26 Haddington IMG_8831

Daniel takes a well deserved break from his book to make his own pattern..

Peter took the kids to the National Museum of Flight one day while I stayed home and did accounts. They had a great time looking at a Concorde and doing the hands on activities.

20120817 PC Wk26 Haddington 20120817_12164920120817 PC Wk26 Haddington 20120817_121654

All too soon the week ended and we had to lug our heavy bags to the bus stop and catch a train to Edinburgh!

(Week 26: Saturday 11 August – Saturday 18 August 2012)