Yesterday we went to Disneyland. We did 14 things in total. We did these things, in this order:

1. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

2. Space Mountain: Mission 2

3. Star Tours

4. Les Mysteres du Nuatilus

5. Motors…Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

6. Peter Pan’s Flight (the next three things only me and mum did)

7. Mad Hatters Tea Cups

8. Merry-Go-Round

9. Sleeping Beauty Castle

10. Mac Donalds For Dinner Together

11. Autopia

12. La Cabane Des Robinson

13. How to Train a Dragon

14. Bought candy floss

15. Disney Magic Parade

16. Disney Dreams

This is the order of my favourite and what type of rides they are:

1.Motors…Action! Stunt show Spectacular: Stunt show with a spy movie theme showing the special affects of a movie

2.Star Tours: a star wars themed simulated ride

3.Autopia: Drive your own 1950’s car

4.Disney Magic Parade: a parade with all the Disney characters

5.Disney Dreams: fireworks over the castle and projections in the water and on the castle

6.Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast: Shoot with a toy laser gun at robot targets

7.Mad Hatters Tea cups: spin around in giant teacups

8.Merry-Go-Round: spin around on horses and go up and down

9.Mac Donalds For Dinner Together: Restaurant

10.La Cabane Des Robinson: a tree house

11.Bought candy floss: Yum Yum!!!

12.Nautilus: an underwater sub walkthrough

13.Sleeping Beauty Castle: a castle designed to look like the castle Sleeping Beauty slept in( also the one in all of the Disney movies at the start

14.How to train a dragon: a cave with a moving dragon model

15.Peter Pan’s Flight: fly over Netherland in a boat (for aged 1-6/7)

16.Space Mountain: Mission 2: Rollercoaster:terrible, scary, frightening and horrible!

Motors…Action! Stunt show Spectacular!!!!

It was really cool. One of the black cars got shot in half. The black cars and motorbikes were bad and the blue motor bike and red car were good, the red car had three or four versions of it. One car had the steering wheel facing the back of the car so it looked like it was driving backwards and the other had the steering wheel on the outside so that it look like no-one was driving it! Another was a normal one.


One time the red car got blocked by the black cars so he used the truck next to him and drove up onto its roof on a folded down ramp.

Also a truck that had the ramp on it was underneath a high up window and the red car drove through the open window, onto the truck and down the ramp. And there was also one where the goody ran into a motorcycle shop and drove out the window on a blue motorbike! and another motorbike one was a baddy drove through flames!

They made a 3 minute film which they showed us at the end of the show. It was a film about the things that we just saw happening!

image image image image image image


Star Tours

First we went through space dodging the comets. Then we went through a huge space crystal. Next we drove through some structures on the Death-Star then we pulled up and dive bombed back down to the ally way. I said to Dad “You know I hate it when you do that, Anakin!” remembering the movie.

Disney Dreams

It was very captivating. I wished it would never end. But then I was ultra tired because it was around 11.00! The projector kept showing more Disney characters onto an area of of water and on the castle of Sleeping Beauty. The characters included: Peter Pan and Wendy, the Aladdin characters, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Then the characters from Tangled were shown, singing one of my favourite song from the film at the scene when they see the floating lights. Ohh it was great!

image image

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