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Today we went to our first ch√Ęteau – Chenonceau! (Mum’s been looking forward to this). My first impression was that it wasn’t very big but then I realized how far back it went – right across the water! I think that the best part was the outside. It was made of white brick and had lots of turrets and spires. It looked incredible. Chenonceau is a 500 year old castle and did you know that some of chairs there are as old as Henry the II! When we got inside we got our audio guide. Chenonceau is very nice but it was just bedroom after bedroom after bedroom. I liked the kitchen and was surprised that the cooks had a good table and food for themselves.

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I thought the bedrooms were a good size but not really my type because there was almost no furniture (and no toys! Oh no!) On the top floor there was a room painted BLACK. When Henry the III’s wife got a letter saying her husband was mortally wounded and that she should pray, she took it seriously and locked herself in her room for the last 11 years of her life. We went into the beautiful gardens and watched the butterflies. We had a go in the maze – it was quite easy. Chenonceau is the best castle in France I think.

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bedroom 1

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bedroom 2

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