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Today we went to our first Chateau. A Chateau is like a palace but of course, different! My three favourite rooms were (1.) LOUIS XIV”S DRAWING ROOM (2.) THE GREAT HALL (3.) CATHERINE DE’ MEDICI’S BEDROOM .


In the centre stands a giant fireplace with a hearth taller than me, about 1m and 15cm! The fireplace has a white background, engravings of two rodents (a Salamander and a Stoat) on the front painted gold. Also, to the left a picture of him, himself, Louis XIV with a golden plant style frame by LEPTURE made simply with four pieces of wood. Oh and the portrait was painted by RIGAUD. Just outside the hearth of the magnificent fireplace stood two one foot tall statues of Romans!

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Underneath the painting of Louis, stood a small double, gold, flower patterned couch and to either side of that stood two stools from the same set as the small couch. Above another single couch hung a portrait of The Princess Of Rohan with a book open in one hand, resting on her lap and her free hand was held out. Just like the Mono Lisa (which we did not see) her eyes followed me.


It measures 60m long by 6m wide and with day light from 18 windows. It was also used as a ballroom and was officially opened during the festivities for Henry III in 1577. During World War Two the Chateau was used as a hospital. The floor in the Great Hall was black and white chequered. The Chateau survived the wars.


Like Louis’, this room has red walls and a four poster bed. In this room are some engravings. The engravings are of an H behind two C’s one around the wrong way and one the right way, which makes two D’s for Diana and the H standing for Henry and C? Well it has to be Catherine who when Catherine’s husband (who liked Diana and had given her the Chateau) died, forced Diana to swap the Chateau for another castle down the road. All these people and more lived in this magnificent palace.

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(Visited Friday, 31st August 2012)