Today we went on a three hour walking tour. It was really fun and I learnt a lot:

The Monument To The Murdered Jews Of Europe

At first you would never think it is a monument – it does not even have a sign to say that it is a monument for the the Jews! It’s a very interesting design by Peter Eisenman. It consists of 2711 blocks with the tallest at 4.8 meters high!!! When we went through it I felt lost and I felt like I was going around and around in circles and yet getting nowhere. I like it because it is so different to other monuments.

20121028 PC Wk37 Berlin 20121028_133826 20121028 PC Wk37 Berlin 20121028_134236

Berlin Wall:

The Berlin Wall was constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR). It started as a barb wire fence put up on the night of 13 of October 1961. Then on 17th October 1961 they started making a concrete wall. There is no clear date of when it finished but I think it was in 1975

The GDR got West Berlin to give them sewage pipes by saying that they were having problems with their pipes and the West gave them some. However, the cheeky GDR’s put them on top of the wall so that there was no grip for people to climb over.

20121028 PC Wk37 Berlin 20121028_141620

(Visited Sunday, 28 October 2012)