Today we went on a tour in Berlin, one of my favourite places we visited was the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.






It is a VERY strange memorial with 2,711 slabs or “stelae“(concrete blocks). The first are only 0.2 m high but as the ground slopes down the blocks rise – the largest block is 4.8 m high! The size gives you a lost feeling while wandering aimlessly amongst the gigantic slabs of concrete. My first impression was DANIEL:“wow I can’t wait to jump from one to the other until I get to the middle one that is 4.8 meters high. I won’t fall”. MUM: “No you won’t fall because you definitely won’t be standing on them, let alone jumping in between them” DANIEL “I think that Peter Eisenmanshould design playgrounds”. It is not something to fool around with though. Six million Jewish people died (3 million men, I million children and 2 million women. There were only 9 million Jewish people to start with). That’s the whole of NZ and a half in total. I learnt on wikipedia that the same company that supplied the anti-graffiti substance for the memorial also owned the company that made Zyklon B which was used in the gas chambers! Other than that I really liked the memorial.









(Visited Sunday, 28 October 2012)