Today we went and hired a bike and cycled a lap around the island of Cumbrae of ten and a quarter miles, 16.495776 kilometres. It took about 2 hours. Dad ran and Daniel, Mum and I biked. I had a lots of fun. We hired three bikes and two baskets plus three helmets. Then we went back to the house and Daniel went and got his jacket and then we went on our way. By the time we caught up to Dad we had passed a horse a lot of times (because we stopped a lot to adjust my helmet), passed people (we asked a few if they had seen Dad), stopped Daniel from riding ahead (he goes off in that world of G.I.Joe) and finally we found Dad! When we got home we had lunch and Mum, Daniel and I went to the park on our bikes then biked back after having a play. Then we walked to the big patch of sand further down and had a picnic and played in the water. After that we went home and Mum and I went for another bike ride. On the way back I hurt my leg badly. There were a few advantages with hurting my leg. 1. I got to watch TV and 2. I got more attention!

(Wednesday, 25/7/2012)