Today was huge…we went to one of the most important things on our trip…Warwick castle! After what seemed like a long drive we arrived at the carpark where we had to pay 6 pound for parking! When we were inside we wanted to do a tour but missed it so we went to the firing of the trebuchet (a catapault) instead and it was extremely exciting. Morning tea was doughnuts and we went to see about the archery but it was three ponds so very saaaaaaaadly we did not do it. Next we made our way to the birds of prey show and it was super. The first bird that came Swooping in was a bald eagle. It Soared and Skydivedlanding on the trainer’s hand for food. After came the bald eagle’s son who wasn’t quite so impressive. Then came a sea eagle and he flew all around the place.

20120628 Camera Wk19 Broadwell IMG_8006

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20120628 PC Wk19 Broadwell 20120625_120935

There was to be another show at 2:30. After that we continued to the bird cages and saw yet more eagles, a vulture, an owl and a little baby eagle. Then we started walkin up the hill to the castle meeting many friendly peacoks on the way. In the castle we went to the state rooms. There was a gigantic weapon room with guns, swords and spears. There were also some other pretty rooms too. We met a wax model of King Henry the VIII and all his wives!

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Then we joined a tour and heard witch and ghost stories. The lady who told them was really good at acting but I didn’t like the stories.

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Then we looked at the ‘preparing for war’ rooms (king maker) and I held a crossbow and tried on three different helmets!

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Then we went to a herb table and mixed them up.

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Next was lunch and while Amy went to the princess thing I went to the other bird show. The first bird was the eagle owl and it waqs supposed to swoop down and pounce on a dead piece of meat but instead it landed next to it. Then was another bald eagle! Next was the loud vulture – all he really wanted was food. Then was a huge sea eagle which did tricks and was suppose to fly from one tower to the next but sadlly never did.

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After that we went up all 553 steps to the highest tower and had a great view.

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Then we looked around the royal rooms and saw yet more wax models! Then we were on our way to the mill when we met another tour about defences (the one we’d missed in the morning). This is the line of defence he told us about:

1. draw bridge,

2. portculasses,

3. murder holes,

4. oak gates,

5. arches raining arows on you

6. bigger portculass

7. Two rows of murder hoels

8. oak gate

9. solders to drive you back to the beging.

20120628 PC Wk19 Broadwell 20120625_161835

To finsh we went to the mill and the play ground. Truly britains greatest castle.

(Visited Monday, 25 June 2012)