Today we went to Warwick Castle. It was definitely the BEST castle I have been to and will probably be the best castle I will ever go to. In this entry I am going to tell you how I came to that conclusion and how I chose to give it a Ten Out Of Ten.


The Firing Of The Trebuchet

First we went to a fascinating sling-shot. When I say sling-shot you probably think of it as those little fork shaped stick with a string and a pouch on the end that you pull back with a stone or something like that in its pouch, BUT really I am talking about a catapult that is actually a giant sling-shot. There are two wells (a bit like the wells mice exercise in) on ether side of the structure so that people can walk in them to prepare it for firing.

When it fired it was amazing. I was covering my ears as it fired thinking there be a big thud but NO!! there was just silence. It was great.

The Birds Of Prey Show

This was a great experience. We got to see five different species of eagles including a eagle called Ernie and he looked a lot like a owl and is nocturnal but at the castle it comes out every day at 2:30. Its species name is Eagle-Owl. It was brilliant. On the last bird, a Sea-Eagle had to fly up to the highest tower of the castle. The only thing that was sad was that the food that motivated the birds to fly was little baby chicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yuck!.

The Princess Tower, A Spell-Bound Place
(well that is what the advertisement says)

It was brilliant. The princess needed help choosing her sisters accessories for her wedding. The girl that was getting married was Princess Arabella and her sister that we saw was Princess Isabella. There dresses where pretty!

I was given a pea like the one in the Princess and the Pea story. I put it in Daniel’s pillowcase and he didn’t noticed therefore he must not be a princess!

The Weekend Party

It was very flash. It was just the house they had the party in and some wax models. The house was beautiful. In one of the rooms there was a wax model pouring water into a bath tub. We also saw a wax model of Winston Churchill.


Trebuchet Photographs:



Birds of Pray Photographs:



Princess Tower Photographs:


You were not allowed to take personal photographs so we got this photograph outside with the person that takes you in.

(Visited Monday, 25 June 2012)