Today we did more sightseeing and even though I had a sore back Dad inisited on looking at all the shops!

Dad’s idea of sightseeing:
20120917 Camera Wk31A Riol Trier IMG_0924 20120917 Camera Wk31A Riol Trier IMG_0929

20120917 Camera Wk31A Riol Trier IMG_0933 20120917 Camera Wk31A Riol Trier IMG_0938

Anyway! First we came to a large Roman gate made with no mortar, although some people would find this fascinating I would rather see it covered in G.I. Joes.

20120917 Camera Wk31A Riol Trier IMG_0893

By the way Trier is the oldest city in Germany! 2000 years old! Moving on – not until Dad had had his coffee – we came to a larger marketplace with a Steipe (which is a banqueting hall), and lovely fountains and houses. It was a very picturesque square.

20120917 Camera Wk31A Riol Trier IMG_1111

From the square we went an amazingly adorned church. The whole back wall was covered in statues, everywhere you look there is something intricate to see.

20120917 Camera Wk31A Riol Trier IMG_0954

Today we did another thing mums been looking forward to: we went to a church treasury and even though it was small everything was covered with gold! There was rings, mini statues, boxes, books and much much more.

20120917 Camera Wk31A Riol Trier IMG_1016

The last thing before we started the long journey to our car was to go to Konstantin’s basilica. Like the church in Koln it was impossible to fathom how far back it went.





So, yet another day of sight seeing.

(Visited Monday, 17th September 2012)