One week until my birthday! A few day ago we arrived here, about 15 minutes out of Dumfries and today we went in to Dumfries for the first time. By the time we got into Dumfries it was 3:00pm. Seeing a hairdresser we went straight in and for only 3 pounds I got transformed. Then we went to the tiniest museum about an old Victorian House. For such a small place it was amazing how long we spent there. There was a dentist display and it looked very painful. People had false teeth made of wood, ivory, porcelain and even other people’s teeth! There was an anaesthetic gas bottle that use to leak and made the doctor feel woozy, as well as a horrible pedal drill.

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120716_161007 Wk22

Now, I’ve written a lot about the museum but because all the the shops were shut and it started raining there isn’t much to write about Dumfries itself. There was a toy shop though but like usual it didn’t have G.I.Joe. Dumfries is a really cool city and we will be coming back later this week. We also saw our first red squirrel today at home. YAY.

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120716_162942 Wk22

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