Today was a GLORIOUS day – guess what? We went to a chocolate factory! To make a long story short (well not very short) we paid 11 pound each (me and Amy only) and we made a mould, a slab and a marshmallow chocolate! It was so fun: here’s how we did it. To make the marshmallow thing I dipped my marshmallow into milk chocolate and and attached it to two others Yum. To make the chocolate slab I drowned sweets in mix of white and milk chocolate and for special effects I made it so they were hidden so when you bite into it you get the surprise of a jelly bean or a a skittle! (I’m sounding a bit like a sales person). The hardest thing we made was the mould and it will take too many words to tell how I made it but it sure will taste nice!

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120717_110715 Wk22

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120717_110438 Wk22

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120717_111140 Wk22

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120717_112805 Wk22

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120717_114600 Wk22

The chocolate wasn’t the only thing we did at the chocolate factory – there also was a huge outside play ground with a T.Rex which I climbed up (clinging on for dear life). They also had an awesome inside playground almost as good as chipmunks! The rest of the day it rained. We did have fish and chips but they weren’t nearly as good as NZ chips. There was a museum with a bit of natural history and I did a quiz and I got a toy flying pteranodon! It was a really cool museum. On the way home we saw a shipwreck on a beach! Now to eat my chocolate!

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120717_120333 Wk22

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120717_122342 Wk22

20120721 PC Wk21 Dumfries 20120717_124300 Wk22

20120721 KC Wk21 Dumfries 2012-07-17 12.29.51 Wk22

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