Today we went up a cable chair lift!

20121007 Camera Wk33B Innsbruck IMG_2050

On the way up mum was PETREFIED but I thought it was great! Guess what we saw?… A deer! We saw it amongst the trees and it looked incredible! Once we arrived at the top we went to the KugelWald which is a park with wooden logs that you roll a wooden ball down.

20121007 Camera Wk33B Innsbruck IMG_2017

There were loads of contraptions to roll your ball down. One was to put a ball in a tube and use a pulley to yank up your ball. There were ones with jumps and drops. Just before we left the awesome ball park we found we could build our own track.

This is a photo of of our track:

20121007 Camera Wk33B Innsbruck IMG_2034

We made it so the ball did a 90 % turn in the air. After we were finished in the park we had a coffee in the sun and then we went back down the hill. It was an awesome day.

(Visited Friday, 5 October 2012)