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Today we went up to to the 1stlevel of a mountain by chair lift! It was a little scary at first but I soon got used to it. We went up, up and up. It was really fun. At the top we rented out a wooden ball and went to the completely wooden play ground which was entirely designed for rolling the ball on the two planks of wood that are nailed next to each other on a curve. We tried all of the different tracks which included: A track that went out of a cubby-house, one that goes out of a wooden fort and on that you lever the ball up and then they drop down on the track! After we had done those tracks we made a track of our own! Then we went to the café and Mum and Dad got a coffee while Daniel and I had the juice.

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Then we went down, down and down the steep hill on the chair again and we walked home. Then we went in the car to the owners of the house for an afternoon tea that was very BIG!!! It was so big that we did not have dinner!

(Visited Friday, 5 October 2012)