Today we are driving to our new house in Belgium! It is a 5 hour drive. So on the way we went to the Bayeux Tapestry. (This is another one of the things mum’s been looking forward to, and what have I been looking forward to? A ZOO! and have we done that yet? NO!) We only stayed at the Bayeux Tapestry for 45 minutes (phew) so this blog should not be a 400 word thing (I hope.) Anyway. The Tapestry seemed to stretch for miles but it was really 70 meters. It was about half a meter high. I really liked it because it was a new kind of art for me but best of all was that it was the world’s first comic! This is what it is about. King Edward of England was going to die and he decided that his cousin William of Normandy was going to be king. So he sent Harold to tell him. When Harold arrived he swore allegiance to William but when he got home and the king died he crowned himself king. Bad Mistake! (if you ever find yourself in that situation never do what he did – never!) Because he did that William came and conquered him. From that day on William was called William the Conqueror. So that was the Bayeux Tapestry’.


(visited Tuesday, 4/9/2012)